To allow us to better understand your needs, please fill in the following O.P.T.I.O.N.S Interfaced Programme Questionnaire.
CAMP CHALLENGE will develop a comprehensive proposal to meet your needs and objectives.
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* Objectives Leadership ExCELLence!
      Based on Kouzes & Posners' 'The Leadership Challenge' , The Leadership ExCELLence
      introduces the 5 practices and 10 commitments of exemplary leadership by integrating the
      values into our team-based, problem solving activities.

Team ExCELLence!
      The Team ExCELLence fosters camaraderie and team-spirit by bringing youths together
      for a common purpose. Through the experiences, youths will learn how to relate and work
      better with others and take greater ownership of their team.

Innovation ExCELLence!
      This programme aims to empower youth with a sense of entrepreneurship to enable them
      to thrive in this ever changing world. Through the programme experience, we hope
      participants will start to question and challenge their mental model of the world and adopt a
      problem-solving attitude to life.

Preschool ExCELLence
      Based on the 6 learning dispositions (PRAISE) from the Kindergarten Curriculum
      Framework. Age-appropriate experiences to engage preschoolers in the outdoors!
      - Optional: Enhance the experience with our unique Roleplay Challenge in KidZania!

Career CAMP
      Complimenting MOE's Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Syllabus.
      Exposure to various career paths and development of employability skills through
      engaging activities.
      - Optional: Enhance the experience with our unique Roleplay Challenge in KidZania!

      Rental of Site Facilities
      I.e. Function rooms, Air Conditioned Dormitories, Low Elements and High Elements

Student Centre, Values-Driven Education
       Applied Learning Programme (ALP)
       Learning for Life Programme (LLP)
       Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)
Please elaborate on the learning outcomes/issues you wish to inspire.
* People Age Group
  No.of Participants
  Student Profile
* Timing Date of Programme
1/2 day 1 Day 3 Days 4 Days
2 Days 2 Days 1 Night 3 Days 2 Nights 4 Days 3 Nights
* Investment Budget Allocation for programme
    Per Person
    Per Programme
* Other Considerations Programmes done before / Physical constraints on participants / Religious and cultural considerations / Meals & Dietary requirements
Visa requirements
* New Ideas Do you have any new ideas in mind that you wish to implement for this programme?
* Site Any preferred programme venue
* CAMP CHALLENGE Sites/Partners  
Singapore   Sentosa     Sembawang
    KidZania (Day Programme)     KidZania (Exclusive use for overnight stay)
    CherryLoft Resorts (Pasir Ris)  
  MOE CAMP sites

  Changi Coast Adventure Centre     Dairy Farm Adventure Centre
    MOE Labrador Adventure Centre     MOE Jalan Bahtera Adventure Centre
    CAMP Christine  
    Punggol Ranch  
Malaysia   Sibu Island Resort     Mercure
Bintan   Nirwana Gardens     Bintan Lagoon Resorts     Bintan Agro
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